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Perhaps there is no need to popularize Petr Vlach to anyone in Polná but I would like to introduce him as a fine artist. It could be possible that you have just missed to see his paintings. That is why the second interview at our newly established portal of Polná is done with Petr Vlach about his art…


Hello.How did you ever get to visual art? And what keeps you with it today?

Since my early years I have liked drawing and painting. I prefered using tempera paint. Later I was impressed by Kulhánek’s works so I started drawing with graphite..

I painted real things then – acts, landscapes and so on. Sometimes I even exhibited some of those things in Polná. Beside that I also did intarsia woodworking at that time. After my miliary service I started to run a business and I didn’t have as much time for art as it was needed.

I did a real comeback to painting several years ago that I started to paint in the style of modern realism. It is my leisure time hobby, I really like it.

It is a beginning of a new year. What are working on? Have you started some painting of your priority?

There are always several paintings or works started at the same time. It only depends on my fervour and time but I have just finished a large painting of mine recently on which I have worked for more than 13 months. It is from the People like Roses collection and I am happy it is finished :))


oil, mixed media on canvass 202x402cm

The beginning year is also the time for looking back to the last year. What has it brought you in terms of creation?

A new creation in rose edition, I don’t know why I am still somehow adhered to that. )

 Růže 2

BUNCH OF FLOWERS oil, mixed media on canvas


Devoured by zoo
oil, mixed media on canvas

Earlier you mentioned Kulhánek and his art. Are some others in your favour?

There are many of them, but the more I share, watch and search, the more I am influenced by them, so I follow the fact that less is sometimes more. But GERHARD RICHTER of today is really good.

You created things of real focus in recent time, today your domaine is abstract expresionism. What caused the departure from your original creation?

It wasn’t departure, rather it was convergence of all the things I had done before. I like to transfer my imaginations, thoughts, moods, impresions and emotions to canvas. When I close my eyes all those things will be translated into images. It is often thematic things, cares of people or their experiences which I project to canvas. I like to get these things out of me and the painting helps me escape from ordinary life.

Winter is at its height outside. Does weather or season inspire you?

Of course, as a consequence I am compelled to paint more than usual and do creative things in my studio.


acrylic on canvas

How long does it take to finish a piece painting? Do you have ideas before you come to the canvas or do those ideas occur to you when you stand in front of the canvas?

I have always about 5 to 7 images in my mind in progress. Although I can paint a piece in a single day but I like playing with them. I have enough time, I am not in a hurry for any reason. My paintings come to light gradually, in as long as 2 to 3 months. I finish their tuning and return to them after a long time since I have started painting of them. Mostly I paint several of them simultaneously as I mentioned above.

There are presentation videos or, say, trailers which add spice to your painting art. They combine a story and an idea and motive of the painting being created. How are those videos made?

Yes, I and my friend Ivan Holub from Zborna near Jihlava we make those videos. He is responsible for cutting and finalizing of those video clips …… the clips shift the painting ideas created in my mind somewhere farther but they are also used for their presentation.

Do you sometimes have to force yourself into painting or do you only paint when having fervour, right mood and inspiration? And did you have any periods of supressed creativity due to the lack of ideas and inspiration? Or did you stop painting only in lack of time?

Well, it is pretty usual that everyone gets tired, also in mind, but importantly it can’t take long. At least not as long as to forget the ideas.

The ideas are continuously present in mind and that is nice.

Do you plan any exhibition this year? Is there anything coming your way? Or are you even exhibiting your paintings somewhere?

This year I am starting an exhibition shared with other artists. The exhibition is organized by SVUV Jihlava in Třebíč and will take place in the rooms of the Castle Horse Shed of The Vysočina Museum from 28.1.-6.3.2016.

Next exhibition of mine will be arranged in Old Town House of Žďár nad Sázavou from 3.5.-31.5. 2016 and at Dačice (the museum and gallery). We will see what next will be achieved or not. )

Is there any picture you have come to like to such an extent that you won’t ever let it go out of your hand? And is there anyone who has a large number of your paintings at home?

My wife :)) and some friends of mine who have bought the paintings from me for their homes or offices. Of course, there are some of my paintings non saleable  – some of them are placed in my office.


What about other art direcions? Are you not attracted? I know you sometimes take photos…

I am attracted by taking photos only little but I like to take photos of my paintings preferably composed into the country for example. Why not?….



What will your new year wish be for our readers?

Good health primarily, of course, and satisfactory way of living. And also Peace, this is the word used little today, perhaps some people are ashamed at pronouncing it, perhaps children and youth of today don’t even know what „peace“ means. So I am wishing to your readers all the best.

Petr Vlach:

interviewed by: David Havlíček

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